NUST MISIS and ChelPipe to Train Leaders in the Field of Pipe and Tube Production

NUST MISIS and ChelPipe have signed a cooperation “roadmap” through which at least two high-tech projects related to pipe manufacturing will be implemented in 2018. The “Leadership program” is based on NUST MISIS’s master`s degree program and ChelPipe`s “Trainees program”.

“We cooperate with NUST MISIS as part of the implementation of the ‘Leadership program’ based on the University`s master`s degree program. There are dozens of NUST MISIS graduates among our company`s employers, including in management positions. Cooperation with Russia`s leading universities is part of our company`s strategy to train highly qualified specialists in the field of metallurgical industry. We are confident that signing this ‘roadmap’ will strengthen and broaden our cooperation with NUST MISIS in the field of the implementation of joint educational projects”, said Boris Kovalenkov, ChelPipe`s General Director.

ChelPipe and NUST MISIS will implement the leadership program in two directions: Metallurgy and Technological Machines and Equipment. The master`s degree students will combine studies at the University and also work at ChelPipe and Pervouralsk’s New Pipe Plant. During their studies, ChelPipe will pay a scholarship in the amount of 28,740 rubles to A-level students and 23,000 rubles to B-level students.

“The transition of the cooperation between NUST MISIS, Russia`s leading university in the field of metallurgy, and ChelPipe, the largest company in this field, into the project area means a qualitatively new level of our cooperation. The participation of graduate students in the implementation of the company`s projects during their studies creates conditions for a barrier-free transition to a permanent job position after graduation. They don’t need to adapt or to have additional training. After graduation, students just continue to implement their projects”, commented Vadim Petrov, Vice-Rector of Educational Affairs at NUST MISIS.