NUST MISIS Student from Mongolia Takes 2nd Place in Russian Language Olympiad

Naranzhargal Munkhzhargal, a 4 year NUST MISIS student from Mongolia, has taken 2 place in an All-Russian Olympiad for Russian language held among international students from Russian universities. The Association of International Students (AIS) together with the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics hosted the Olympiad.

This year the Olympiad had two stages. The first stage was the correspondence internet stage, attracting more than 600 international students from different Russian regions. The winners of the correspondence stage then advanced to the on-site stage held at the

Naranzhargal Munkhzhargal started to study Russian while she was still living in Mongolia. After coming to Moscow, she continued her studies at NUST MISIS’s pre-university courses, as well as during her undergraduate studies. Natalya Permyakova, Associate Professor at the NUST MISIS Center for Russian Language, helped her prepare for the Olympiad.

“[Studying] Russian is my [oldest] hobby. I have [always] loved Russia and Moscow with all my heart and always dreamed of studying here. We prepared for the Olympiad very seriously: doing lots of tasks given [to me] by Professor Permyakova, writing essays, and doing many more activities”, she said.

Naranzhargal Munkhzhargal is a member of the NUST MISIS International Friendship Club and a curator for 20 students from Mongolia currently studying at NUST MISIS. She helps them to adapt to life in Moscow and to participate in University activities.