NUST MISIS Enters the TOP-10 Universities Focused on Practical Education

NUST MISIS has entered the TOP-10 of the first ranking of higher education institutions focused on practical education. The study was prepared by the educational platform Changellenge, which is based on the results of 10 case-championships held in 2017, which attracted 15,000 students from more than 150 Russian and international universities.

Changellenge organizes about 75% of all Russian case-championships; for example, the Cup MISIS Case has been held jointly with NUST MISIS since 2014. The university project-team competition to solve business issues in the field of metallurgy has risen to a federal level: 45 Russian universities joined the competition, and in 2016 the number reached 66. In 2017, the Cup MISIS Case became international: around 2,000 high school and university students from 45 schools and 131 universities from Russia and abroad, including the Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the UK, participated.

According to Changellenge data, 746 NUST MISIS students took part in various case-championships in 2017. According to this indicator, the University is among the TOP-5 of Russian universities.

To perform well in any case-championship, it`s necessary to show skills that are specific to the solution of any practical real-world task: the ability to think structurally, to analyze information, to make decisions in conditions of uncertainty, as well as to create presentations, to speak in public, and to work in a team.

Case-championships are important for both the participants and the representatives of the business community. It gives an opportunity to participants to test their skills in solving real business tasks, going beyond their capabilities and getting feedback from representatives of the business community. The employers are given an opportunity to meet the most active and talented students around, who they can invite to work for their companies.