NUST MISIS Included in the TOP-100 of the THE Ranking

NUST MISIS has significantly improved its position in the Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies University Rankings, rising from 163rd to 99th. The University has shown excellent results despite increasing competition: in 2014, representatives of 20 different countries participated in the ranking, but in 2018 that number increased to 50.

The Emerging Economies University Rankings is the newest ranking from Times Higher Education, with its first publication in December 2013. In 2014, scientific & educational organizations from 18 countries participated in the ranking. In 2018 however, educational organizations from 50 countries took part. The final list includes 378 universities. NUST MISIS’s results are even more encouraging, rising from 163rd to 99th.

According to the ranking’s representatives, the methodology of the Emerging Economies University Rankings revised was revised for 2018. The aim of the changes was to better reflect the priority areas of development of universities in countries with dynamically developing economies. In particular, the indicators characterizing a university’s connections with the business community and how a university integrates itself into the world scientific & educational environment have gained the highest weight. NUST MISIS scored significant results in both indicators.

“Compared to last year, the number of international students and scientific studies has increased, as well as the income from developments carried out in the interest of the business community. Currently, we work with 1,609 companies in various spheres of our activities. I would also like to note that not only has the quantity, but the quality of scientific research, has also improved. Compared to 2017’s figures, NUST MISIS’s scientists have published three times more articles in journals included in the WoS and Scopus database, and the citation of scientific works performed by NUST MISIS researchers has increased more than 2.5 times”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

When compiling the ranking, THE obtained most of the information from public sources. Part of the data, such as the number of academic staff, the number of students, and funding were provided by the universities. Surveys of representatives from academia and the business community contributed more than a third of the information to the rating index.

“The Emerging Economies University Rankings, based on 13 key performance efficiency indicators of the main Times Higher Education Ranking, is becoming more and more influential every year. To get into the ranking, universities must meet the highest efficiency standards for each of the key activities — teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international cooperation. That is why the entry of NUST MISIS into the TOP-100 of the ranking is an impressive achievement. The University has managed to achieve results in such indicators as impact of scientific research, income from investments, and international cooperation. These breakthrough results bring NUST MISIS to the world level”, said Ellie Bothwell, Reporter at the Times Higher Education.