Educational Technologies for Training Personnel for the Digital Economy to be Presented at #EdCrunch-Tomsk

The #EdCrunch-Tomsk International Conference on New Educational Technologies will be held from May 30th, 2018 to June 1st, 2018 in “Russia`s student capital,” Tomsk State University. Around 1,000 participants and 127 Russian & international speakers are expected to take part in the conference, in addition to 10 presentations of new developments as part of the interactive #EdCrunch Park exhibition.

The #EdCrunch Tomsk conference program includes 12 tracks, covering the whole range of training for the next generation of professionals, from advance training technologies and online training to machine learning and the use of ‘Big Data’ and digital technologies in medical education. Special tracks for university students, schoolchildren, and teachers have also been organized as part of the conference.

“The digital economy is radically changing the architecture of education and it requires new solutions and business models. It is necessary to use the potential of modern technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and ‘big data’ for the individualization of the educational process to improve its quality and to open up new opportunities for students. How to do this and what is necessary for the creation of an innovative educational ecosystem — these are the questions we will be discussing at #EdCrunch-Tomsk with leading Russian and international experts”, said Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU.

“The effectiveness of advanced educational technologies in higher education and their correlation with the psychological characteristics of the next generation” is the key topic of #EdCrunch-Tomsk.

“Today, education is the engine of future transformations in every sphere of life. If we want to develop our country, to be a leader — we need to provide access to the most advanced technologies for [our] educational community. A teacher can`t fail to respond to the demands of the 21st century—to the demands that will shape the economy of tomorrow. To do that, we need not only the best tools but also technologies of the future, as they should prepare students for not only what is important now, but also what will be [important] tomorrow. #EdCrunch — is a platform for presenting and discussing such technologies”, said Elena Ulyanova, “Rybakov Fund” President.

The #EdCrunch-Tomsk conference is part of the priority project “The modern digital educational environment in the Russian Federation,” which the government has funded through the state program “The development of education” from 2013-2020.

“Every year, new regions join #EdCrunch, an international conference on educational technologies, which is held by NUST MISIS and the Rybakov Fund through the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Education. In 2017, the conference was held in Vladivostok and Saint Petersburg. This year, it will be held in the capital of the Tomsk region. The expansion of the geography of the conference shows the growing interest of the country`s academic community in modern educational technologies and methods of online learning. Additionally, in October, 2018, #EdCrunch will be held in Moscow for the 5th time”, noted Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

The conference program includes presentations from 127 leading specialists in the field of digital education from Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Brazil, and other countries.

Keynote speakers:

• Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills, OECD;

• Lyudmila Ogorodova, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk region for the scientific and educational complex;

• Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU;

• Elena Ulyanova, “Rybakov Fund” President;

• Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS;

• Johan Wissema, Professor at the University of Technology in Delft, Netherlands;

• Vasily Tretyakov, Head, NTI University “20.35” Project;

• Rebecca Schtein, Executive Director, Online Learning Initiative, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

In addition to the main program, a number of special events have been planned as part of #EdCrunch-Tomsk. EdCrunch Park is a space for the presentation of high-tech educational products and achievements in the field of the digitalization of education. Guests and visitors will have a chance to get acquainted with the most modern digital educational tools — simulators, online platforms, solutions based on virtual and augmented reality, adaptive educational solutions, etc.

The traditional for Tomsk, VII Siberian School with the participation of “Mass Open Online Courses: Development, Promotion, Application” will also be held as part of the conference. The main aim of the event is to give the audience practical skills in the development, promotion, and use of online courses in the implementation of educational programs, as well as to show them the most successful educational projects and practices from both Russia and around the world.

Tomsk State University, NUST MISIS, and the Rybakov Foundation are the conference’s organizers. They are holding the event through the support of the Ministry of Education & Science of the Russian Federation.

The official website of the conference is