NUST MISIS Enters the TOP-5 in New Forbes Ranking

NUST MISIS has taken 4th place in Forbes’ first ranking of Russia`s best universities.

Once again NUST MISIS has proven its position as one of Russia`s best technological universities, this time taking 4th place in Forbes’ TOP-100 ranking of the best Russian universities.

The Forbes editorial board created its first ranking based on data compiled by the Russian Ministry of Education & Science monitoring the performance efficiency of more than 600 higher educational institutions. In addition to the traditional analysis of educational, research, and financial indicators, the ranking’s creators also added an additional piece of criteria — the Forbes factor. This indicator takes the career prospects of students, employment data, and the average salary of graduates into account, as well as the share of successful entrepreneurs out of the total number of graduates.

Filaret Galchev (EUROCEMENT Group LLC), Mario Zucker (SIEMENS VAI), Georgy Krasnyansky (Karakan Invest), AIexey Kuzmichev (Alfa Group), Anatoly Sedykh (OMK AO), Mikhail Fridman (Alfa Group), German Khan (Alfa Group) and others are among the most notable NUST MISIS graduates who maintain close relationships with their alma mater.

NUST MISIS had also previously improved its position in the INTERFAX National Ranking of Universities, rising 11 positions and getting the highest number of points on the “Innovation” indicator. The university also entered the TOP-20 of RAEX’s ranking of Russia`s 100 Best Universities.