Young NUST MISIS Scientist Named “Metallurgist of the Year”

Alexander Komissarov, head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Hybrid Nanostructured Materials, has been named the winner of the first annual “Metallurgist of the Year” award in the “Metal Chemistry” nomination. The Russian consulting company “Aksalit” and Ural Federal University, named after Boris Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation, are the competition’s founders.

The annual Ural award for “Metallurgist of the Year” is awarded for achievements in the fields of metallurgy and metallurgical science, primarily developments of new technologies and related metal products and compositions. Participants present their projects in four categories: “Metallography”, “Metallophysics”, “Metal Chemistry” and “Ecology”. The competition’s main applicants hail from industrial enterprises, metallurgical plants, and institutions of higher educational.

NUST MISIS submitted its project “A New Cold- and Corrosion-Resistant Grade of Pipe Steel” (“SeverCorr” project) in the “Metal Chemistry” category. The competition’s Expert Committee highly valued the work, naming it the winner in its category. PhD Alexander Komissarov, one of the co-authors and developers of the technology and the head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Hybrid Nanostructured Materials, received the title of “Metallurgist of the Year”.

“SeverCorr” is a fundamentally new technology to manufacture rolled products for the production of corrosion-resistant field pipes with high performance.

The necessity to create a new grade of steel is due to the peculiarities of oil development technologies in Russian oil fields. The existing oil field pipes operate in constant contact with corrosive water-emulsion mixture of oil and concentrated salt solutions. This leads to a short-term of operation and unpredictable accidents, which are often accompanied by the contamination of large areas.

The developers are planning to obtain an international patent this year, and in the future they plan to issue a guarantee for at least a twofold increase in the service life of pipelines obtained using the award-winning technology.