NUST MISIS Takes 11th Place in The Three University Missions Ranking

NUST MISIS is listed among the world`s best universities according to “The Three University Missions Ranking”, which assesses the totality of universities’ educational, scientific and social achievements. NUST MISIS was ranked 232nd overall and 11th among Russian universities.

The Moscow International University Ranking “The Three University Missions” is an academic ranking which started in 2017. The ranking evaluates universities on objective indicators like their official websites, their standing in the Scopus database, their EdX and Coursera educational platforms, and search engine results, among other things. Reputational surveys are excluded in order to avoid subjective opinions.

NUST MISIS took 232nd place among the world`s best universities, and 11th among the 17 Russian universities included in the ranking.

The ranking is calculated according to three groups of criteria:

  • “Education”;
  • “Science”;
  • “University and Society”.

The last group of criteria is non-standard for the academic ranking, but reflects the role of universities in modern digital realities, such as their contribution to the development of online education, internet resources, and social media activity.