Fam Xuan Long — Winner of the International Russian Language Olympiad

NUST MISIS student from Vietnam, Pham Xuan Long, took the first place at the International Online Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language, organized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation jointly with the St. Petersburg State University.

The main goal of the Olympiad is to increase and strengthen the interest in Russian as a foreign language and in Russian culture, to popularize them abroad, to increase the importance of the Russian language as a language of international communication.

7199 people from 131 countries have participated in the qualifying round (including 32 students from NUST MISIS). Only a few hundred young people who withstood high competition have reached the final of the competition.

The Olympiad included two rounds: qualifying and final. The tasks of the first round consisted of passing an online test on vocabulary and grammar of the Russian language, as well as tasks on understanding the main idea and details of the text read by the participant. In the second round, participants also passed an online test for knowledge of the lexical and grammatical norms of the Russian language.

Congratulations to the winner and good luck in learning the Russian language!