MISIS University renews the brand

University of Science and Technology MISIS, a leading Russian university in the field of materials science, starts the academic year with a renewed brand and a new corporate identity, under the unique slogan “Building a better future”. Changes affecting university’s positioning and identity are a signal to all the target audiences that the university is dynamically developing and keeps up with the times.

Rebranding is another way to show that the university has significantly changed over the past decades. Today, MISIS University is not a metallurgical institution, but the leading scientific and educational center of the country in the field of creation, implementation and application of new technologies and materials. Having been the key areas for more than 100 years, metallurgy and mining remain among the top priorities. At the same time, MISIS University conducts research in such breakthrough areas as quantum technologies and bioengineering, alternative energy and Mega Science projects, additive and information technologies.

Rebranding of the university does not only meet the challenges of the times. Its task is to identify the niche of MISIS university at the national and international levels, as well as to help target audiences — applicants, students, their parents, professors, scientists, academic and business communities — to learn more about the university’s activities, goals and objectives.

Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of MISIS University:

“Being at the edge of the scientific and technological progress, our university has been responding to the challenges of time for more than 100 years, conducting scientific research, educating specialists for the industrial enterprises. The largest milestones of the industrialization era, the post-war reconstruction of the country, nuclear and space projects, the formation of world-class scientific schools are inscribed in the history of MISIS University. Keeping the traditions MISIS University has an ambitious goal to become a global leader in materials science and a leading university in a number of breakthrough technologies. We have everything we need to reach this goal: talented researchers, a modern research infrastructure, a personalized educational environment, and support of the business community. The new positioning and visual appearance of the brand emphasizes the role of the MISIS University in the academic and business environment, as well as in education of highly demanded specialists — scientists and engineers able to solve the most acute problems of the modern economy.”

The changes are based on the extensive research work carried out by the leading branding agency DDVB together with the staff of the university. They have analyzed the leading technical universities of Russia and the world and the preferences of key target audiences of the university. The study has revealed that the advanced Russian and international universities are changing the image and the tone of their communications. Universities are forming more human-centered approach, their worldviews and values are becoming more simple and understandable to their target groups.

The new slogan “Building a better future” reflects the vision and values inherent to generations of students, teachers, scientists and employees of MISIS University: create the future, make the world a better place, act boldly, work together, see the global picture.

In 2021, the University of Science and Technology MISIS has won the state program “Priority 2030” competition in the field of “Research Leadership”. The goal of the program is to form a broad group of universities that will become leaders in creating new scientific knowledge, technologies and developments for implementation in the Russian economy and social sphere.

The need to change the positioning was noted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Priority 2030 Program Council following the results the MISIS University’s development program defense. According to the experts, the university needs to declare itself as a global leader in science and technology — with a focus on the existing competitive advantages and in compliance with the current goals and objectives of the university.

Along with the change in positioning, the visual language, based on the recognizable identity of the university, has also been updated. It was decided to follow the path of evolution, not revolution. The new corporate identity has become more modern and relevant, meets the idea of a renewed brand that unites dreamers and creators of the future.

Dmitry Peryshkov, creative director and co-founder of the DDVB branding agency:

“It was important for us to preserve the brand’s legacy and at the same time show the innovative nature of the university. We have redefined the existing image of the logo: now it has been transformed into the ‘MISIS universe’, reflecting the main idea of the university itself — to change the world around you, to shape the future, to create innovations. In addition, thanks to the proprietary elements, it was possible to interact with the focus of attention in a new way — now any object can become the ‘center of the universe’ and sound with the new force in communication with the audience.”

The launch of rebranding on the eve of the Knowledge Day will allow involving the maximum number of freshmen in the new history of the university. This year, they will be the first to get acquainted with the new brand and the changes that are taking place at the MISIS University.