Ivanov Ivan Alekseevich

Research interests
  • Solidification, cluster mechanism of solid phase growth, phase transitions, kinetics of phase transition, self-organization, fractal parametrization, ab initio calculations and MD.
  • Simulation of metallurgical processes (thermal problem, solidification, phase transformations, hydrodynamics).
  • Ingots production technology, including large ones. Simulation of chemical, physical and structural inhomogeneities during the solidification; end-to-end simulation of technological processes.
  • Digital twins of product life cycle.
  • Additive technologies. Control and monitoring of additive process systems.
  • Software and hardware development.

Field of knowledge according to the OECD classifier

Computer science — information systems, computer science — software engineering, metallurgy and metallurgical engineering, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, machine engineering technologies.

PhD in physics and mathematics, associate professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies
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