Kustov Leonid Modestovich

Doctor of chemistry, professor, head of the NUST MISIS Nanochemistry and Ecology Laboratory, chief researcher at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • kustov@misis.ru
  • Ленинский проспект, д.6, стр. 10, Т-124, Т-117, Т-117а
Research interests

Catalysis, nanomaterials, hybrid nanomaterials, adsorbents, “green” chemistry, spectroscopy of nanomaterials, complex processing of natural, associated petroleum gases and biogas, catalytic synthesis of organic compounds.

Field of knowledge according to the OECD classifier

01.04. EI Chemistry, Physical, 01.04.DY Chemistry, Multidisciplinary, 02.05.Pm Materials Science, Multidisciplinary, 02.07.ID Energy & Fuels.

Professor, doctor of chemistry
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