Mukhin Sergey

Head of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies Department

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, majoring in theoretical nuclear physics, physical engineer

Field of Study

03.06.01 Physics and Astronomy


Condensed matter physics and quantum technology

Expected Number of Students Enrolled

2 postgraduate students (state-funded)

Areas of Expertise (Science Topics)
  • quantum order parameter and quantum phase transitions, non-equilibrium quantum physics;
  • thermodynamics of biomembranes and semi-flexible polymers;
  • phase transitions in strongly correlated electronic systems, including high-temperature superconductive cuprates and multiferroics; and
  • electronic properties of metallic nanoclusters.

Sergey Mukhin is an international researcher in the area of quantum order parameters, quantum phase transitions and the theory of electronic quantum phenomena in nanosystems: theory of random Hamilton matrices of Wigner and Dyson and thermodynamics of nanoclusters, Peierls transitions in quasi-one-dimensional conductors, Easing and Berezinsky-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions in bi-dimensional systems and the theory of spin fluctuations in the Easing one-dimensional chain. He is a full member of the American Biophysical Society (USA).

Primary Research Projects

Manager of the following research projects: studying the lattice dynamics and interaction of phonons, magnons and electric quasi-magnons in multiferroics based on manganites of rare elements, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research; properties of magnetic nanoclusters and their systems in their normal and superconductive states, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, etc.

Scientific Recognition, Expertise, Research
  • 9 registered patents and know-how for the last 5 years;
  • 14 articles in journals for the last 5 years (Diffusive Modes of Archaea Bolalipid, Feb 2018 Biophysical Journal, Sergey Ivanovich Mukhin, Daria Makitruk, Daniyar Gabdullin; Analytical Calculation of Diffusion Coefficient Drop at the Liquid-Gel Phase Transition in Lipid Membrane, Feb 2018 Biophysical Journal, Timur Galimzyanov, Boris Kheyfets, Sergei Ivanovich Mukhin, etc.;
  • Hirsch index — 9;
  • full member of the American Biophysical Society (USA).
Academic Advising to Postgraduate Students

He has educated and released over 15 postgraduate students (Method of numerical modelling of gasdynamic flotations and its application in the T-layer task “05.13.18 — Mathematical modelling, numerical methods and complexes of programs (physical and mathematical sciences)” — A.M. Galanina; Mathematical models of certain mechanisms of hemodynamics regulation “05.13.18 — Mathematical modelling, numerical methods and complexes of programs (physical and mathematical sciences)” — T.V. Sokolova, etc.).

Supervisor’s specific requirements:
  • You are interested in theoretical physics of quantum many-body systems, quantum fields in statistical physics, analytical solutions. Having research background and publications in these areas is an advantage. You must have MSc in physics, quantum electronics, superconducting metamaterials.
  • Fluent English, both oral and writing skills
  • Skills in using research programming in C++, Mathematica, Monte Carlo algorithms, is an advantage.
Main publications:
  • Mukhin, S.I., Galimzyanov, T.R. “Classes of metastable thermodynamic quantum time crystals”, Physical Review B 100, 081103® (2019).
  • B. Kheyfets, T. Galimzyanov, and S. Mukhin “Lipid Lateral Self-diffusion Drop at Liquid-gel Phase Transition”, Phys. Rev. E, 99, 012414 (2019).
  • S. I. Mukhin and N. V. Gnezdilov “First-order dipolar phase transition in the Dicke model with infinitely coordinated frustrating interaction”, Phys.Rev.A, 97, 053809 (2018).
  • P. I. Karpov and S. I. Mukhin “Polarizability of electrically induced magnetic vortex plasma”, Phys. Rev. B, 95, 195136 (2017).
  • M. A. Iontsev, S. I. Mukhin, and M. V. Fistul “Double-resonance response of a superconducting quantum metamaterial: Manifestation of nonclassical states of photons”, Phys. Rev. B, 94, 174510 (2016).