Golovin Igor


Academic Degrees: Ph.D., Central Scientific Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy

English level: Advanced

22.06.01 — Technology of materials

Supervisor’s research interests

Phase transitions, anelasticity, mechanical spectroscopy, internal friction, in situ neutron diffraction, mechanisms of relaxation in solids: crystals, ultrafine grained crystals, hidamets, cellular metallic materials, intermetallics, functional alloys.

List of research projects


  • RNF 19-72-20080 Heterogeneous structural states in Fe-based alloys with magneto-mechanical coupling: correlation between physical and engineering properties.
  • RFBR 18-58-53032 Development of physical bases for the creation of functional alloys based on the Fe-Ga system.
  • RFBR 18-58-52007 Phase Transformations as a Tool for Forming the Functional Properties of Iron Alloys with Magnetomechanical Interaction (Fe-Al, Fe-Ga) and without It (Fe-Mn).


  • RFBR 18-02-00325 Coherent cluster ordering of atoms in iron-based intermetallics.
List of possible research topics

The structure and properties of functional and model alloys with high magnetostriction, high damping ability, prone to ordering or delamination, etc.

Supervisor’s specific requirements:
  • A great desire to work, the ability to work both in a team and independently.
  • Higher education and knowledge in metal science or physics of metals.
  • Fluent English, both oral and writing skills. Knowledge of Greek is an added benefit.
  • Computer skills.
Research highlights:
  • Research work is carried out on the basis of two centers and at the junction of two directions, using the advantages of each of them: metal science (NUST MISIS) and solid state physics (JINR, Dubna).
  • Over the decades, extensive contacts with scientists from different countries: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, China, etc.
  • High publication activity. Experience of working with foreign graduate students from China, Egypt, Iran.
Main publication
  • A.M. Balagurov, N. Samoylova, I.A. Bobrikov, S.V. Sumnikov, I.S. Golovin. The first- and second-order isothermal phase transitions in Fe3Ga-type compounds. Acta Cryst. B, vol 75 (2019) 1024-1033
  • A.M. Balagurov, I.A. Bobrikov, S.V. Sumnikov, I.S. Golovin. Antiphase domains or dispersed clusters? Neutron diffraction study of coherent atomic ordering in Fe3Al-type alloys. Acta Materialia 153 (2018) 45-52
  • V.V. Palacheva, A. Emdadi, F. Emeis, I.A. Bobrikov, A.M. Balagurov, S.V. Divinski, G. Wilde, I.S. Golovin. Phase transitions as a tool for tailoring magnetostriction in intrinsic Fe-Ga composites. Acta Materialia 130 (2017) 229-239
  • I.S. Golovin, А.M. Balagurov, V.V. Palacheva, I.A. Bobrikov, V.B Zlokazov. In-situ neutron diffraction study of bulk phase transitions in Fe-27Ga alloys. Materials and Design, 98 (2016) 113-119
  • S.V. Divinski, G. Reglitz, I.S. Golovin, M. Peterlechner, R. Lapovok, Yu. Estrin, G. Wilde. Effect of heat treatment on diffusion, internal friction, microstructure and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained nickel severely deformed by equal channel angular pressing. Acta Materialia 82 (2015) 11–21