Annual satisfaction survey for NUST MISIS students


Every year NUST MISIS holds events aimed at improving the quality of education and comfort of students, as well as solving emerging issues. One of these events is the annual satisfaction survey for students.

The survey covers all areas of university life. Participants are welcome to:

  • share their opinion on studying at NUST MISIS, including the use of distance learning technologies.
  • evaluate the work of the main services (Canvas, Personal account, University portal, etc.), suggest ways to develop them.
  • evaluate the work of curators, professors and mentors.
  • vote for a convenient schedule option.
  • give feedback on extracurricular activities and projects such as “Open Rectorate” and “Dialogue in Detail”.
  • evaluate the general experience of interaction with the university.

The survey is completely anonymous and is conducted on a third-party secure platform that provides only generalized statistics on responses.

Your opinion will help the university to become better!

Take the survey