26th Annual NATE Conference


26th Annual NATE Conference, the largest professional event for English teachers in Russia gathering over 350 participants worldwide each year, will take place online on June 3-5. It is organized in partnership with the Department of Modern Languages and Communication of NUST MISIS.

This year the event will be dedicated to Digital Change in the ELT Community.

The conference program was inspired by the challenges of the past year, such as vast digitalization, requiring spur-of-the-moment creativity and agility from educational professionals.

The main topics of discussion will include:

  • English Language Research
  • Digital Methodology
  • Emerging Learner Types and Inclusion
  • Teacher Development
  • Intercultural Communication
  • New Frontiers of Testing and Assessment

The 26th Annual NATE Conference will also include a session called Young Voices, enabling pre-service teachers majoring in Pedagogy, Languages, Linguistics, Cultural and Communication Studies to share ideas and projects with the international academic community.

Speakers will be able to submit their papers for publication. Works with a strong research focus will be recommended for the International Journal of NATE-Russia — FLER.

Registration for attendees is open until May 31st.