Basic Information about the Center The Materials Science and Metallurgy Shared Use Research and Development Center was created in 1998 with NUST MISiS widely-known by its strong materials science school.

The basic goals and objectives of the center are as follows:

  • securing access of researchers to the modern infrastructure of the R&D sector on the principles or shared use of scientific equipment;
  • increasing the level of academic researches and quality of education by creating modern research complexes meeting the global standards of technical and operating characteristics of the instrumentation pool;
  • maintenance and development of the physical infrastructure by additionally equipping the center with modern high-precision scientific equipment to secure and advance researches in the shared use mode;
  • training of specialists and highly-skilled professionals (students, graduate students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral students) using advance scientific equipment;
  • development of new and improvement of the existing methods and methodologies of world-class academic research;
  • provision of services to third-party organizations in respect of using scientific equipment and development of the service sphere, and elaboration and implementation of activities aimed at developing the center.

The structure of the Materials Science and Metallurgy Shared Use Research and Development Center is composed of laboratories of spectroscopic methods of research, X-ray structural analysis, electronic and atomic force microscopy.

Activity of the Center

The Materials Science and Metallurgy Shared Use Research and Development Center possesses a huge scientific potential and has a unique complex of advanced analytical equipment that allows analyzing almost all substances: metals, semi-conductors, dielectrics and optical materials. The center conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis of the composition of solid bodies, determines the phase composition of surface layers of solid bodies, by-layer analysis (impurity distribution at the depth of up to ~ 5 micron), electron microscopical investigations of solid bodies. In the shared use mode, the center performs R&D works ordered by the departments and laboratories of NUST MISiS, other universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, sectoral R&D centers and enterprises.

The primary areas of research of the center are as follows: materials science of nanomaterials and nanosystems; materials science of volume materials and thin-film constructions; technology, research and development of new functional materials.

The center pursues R&D efforts on a wide range of issues related to the materials science, physical chemistry, technology of generating and studying (composition-structure-features) thin-film constructions, semi-conductors, dielectrics and nanomaterials.

Dmitriy Zhukov
Head of center

+7 495 638-45-90