Having specified its scientific and R&D priorities, NUST MISIS has been gradually developing its existing infrastructure for a number of years. We succeeded to establish the R&D foundation in the field of our main competences equaling the level of equipment available at the leading universities worldwide, thus having created a vivid competitive advantage of our university.

Abakumov Maxim
Head of the Laboratory “Biomedical Nanomaterials”
Golberg Dmitri
Scientific director of the laboratory “Inorganic nanomaterials”
Ustinov Alexey
D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Superconducting Metamaterials
Komissarov Alexander
Head of the Laboratory “Hybrid Nanostructured Materials”
Abrikosov Igor
D.Sc, Professor, Head of the laboratory
Inoue Akihisa
Professor, D.Sc., Head of the laboratory
Kustov Leonid
Head of the laboratory, Dr. Sci., Professor
Epstein Svetlana Abramovna
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Head of Laboratory
Mikhaylovskaya Anastasia
PhD, Associate professor
Erofeev Alexander
Head of Research Laboratory of Biophysics
Tarasov Vadim Petrovich
Director of the Center
Levashov Evgeny Aleksandrovich
Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Head of the Department of Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings
Kurochkin Yury
Director of the Quantum Communications Competence Center of NTI, PhD in physics and applied mathematics,