Basic Information about the Laboratory:
The Research Laboratory of Permanent Magnets was established in MISiS in 1962 pursuant to the Decree of the Government of the USSR in order to close the gap between the USSR and developed foreign countries in terms of solutions based on high-energy permanent magnets. Professor B.G. Livshits, head of the MISiS Metallography Department, became the founder and first academic director of the laboratory. The laboratory has successfully completed its primary goal of creating permanent magnets of the AlNiCo type with the magnetic energy of (ВН)max > 10 MGcE and of developing the technology of their manufacture. In subsequent years, employees of the laboratory conducted researches in the area of creating new alloys and technologies of obtaining rare-earth permanent magnets of the second and third generations, whose level of magnetic properties was on a par with the achievements of the leading developers and manufacturers of permanent magnets.

Activities of the Laboratory
The key areas of focus of the Research Laboratory of Permanent Magnets related to the development and integrated research of physical properties and structure of new high-anisotropy materials, creation of the academic fundamentals of technologies of manufacturing high-energy permanent magnets and integration of new alloys and technological processes into commercial production remain unchanged for many years and hold relevance in these days, when nanostructured and nanocomposite high-coercivity materials are at the forefront of research activities.

Over the last decade, employees of the laboratory jointly with employees of the Department of Physical Materials Science have made a significant contribution to the development, improvement and integration of almost all types of materials for permanent magnets: nanostructured and nanocomposite alloys based on SmCo5, Sm2Co17 and Nd2Fe14B intermetallic compounds, nitrides based on the Sm2Fe17 intermettalide and allows based on the Fe-Co-Cr system. Those researches were conducted pursuant to state contracts, agreements and commercial contracts for the aggregate amount of over RUB 65,000,000.

The majority of R&D deliverables of the laboratory are protected by certificates of authorship and patents (over forty), embedded at enterprises of the ministries of aviation, electrical engineering and electronics industries and awarded with diplomas, certificates of appreciation and medals of all-Soviet Union and international exhibitions.

During the entire period of its operations, the laboratory trained over 220 magnetic engineers; 2 doctoral and 28 candidate dissertations were defended in its areas of research.

Vladimir Menushenkov
Head of laboratory