Basic Information about the Center The unprecedented Engineering Center of High-Complexity Prototyping “Kinetica” at NUST MISiS is a universal advanced high-tech platform of high-complexity prototyping that allows generating, creating, calculating and building up in the digital and analog formats complicated multi-sectoral industrial projects ordered by the leaders of domestic mechanic engineering.

The center’s functionally permits creating complex functional prototypes in the digital mode with the level of maturity and preparedness sufficient for putting items to commercial operation, accompanied with engineering drawings to the item. The engineering center should become the leading Russian high-tech digital laboratory of industrial design and creation of high-complexity prototypes for the Russian manufacturing sector.

Activity of the Center The set-up of the engineering center was supported in 2012 by Russian Premier Dmitry Medvedev. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation funded the construction and equipment of the center in the amount of RUB 1,000,000,000. The construction of the center was completed in 2016.

The industrial base of the center allows implementing any projects and produce any equipment combining traditional high-precision technologies and the new processes of creating real-world samples. The functionality of the center enables the generation, creation, calculation and build-up of complicated functional prototypes in the digital format. The sizes of a sample may vary from one micron to 20 meters. The top priority activities of the center are as follows:

  • tracking global trends and compiling the library of the newest technologies and materials; creating the foresight vectors of technological advancement; conducting researches and transiting their results to promising projects;
  • securing a full cycle of complex (medium and high complexity) functional prototyping for enterprises in the defense, aerospace, robotics, bioengineering and other industries;
  • creating a growing point of applied engineering with the possibility of involving the leading professors and specialists both from Russian and abroad;
  • transforming into the leading academic pilot production platform in the area of developing and using additive technologies and creating new domestic materials, and
  • the center’s selected projects include the creation of a prototype space vehicle of the new generation ordered by Rocket Space Corporation “Energy” and a new chair for cosmonauts in collaboration with Research and Production Enterprise “Star”.