Key information about the laboratory

“Ultrafine-grained Metallic Materials” (UFGM) laboratory was created in order to implement the state task of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation No. 075-00268-20-02 of 03/12/2020 “Scientific basis for the creation of high-tech ultrafine-grained materials based on light metals with enhanced mechanical properties and a heterogeneous composite and duplex-type structure” (Rector NUST “MISiS” order number 177e 06/18/2020).

Laboratory activities

“Ultrafine-grained metallic materials” laboratory conducts research in the field of creating and processing metallic materials with improved properties by optimizing their composition and developing the regimes of the thermal and mechanical treatments.

The main scientific directions are follow; create the fundamental foundations for obtaining new materials with an ultrafine-grained structure by optimizing their chemical and phase composition, as well as developing the parameters for their preparation and subsequent thermal and thermomechanical treatments, including severe plastic deformation, providing a significant improvement in the service and processing properties.

The priority groups are aluminum and titanium alloys, as well as composite materials based on them, alloys capable of superplastic deformation, nanostructured shape memory alloys based on the Ti-Ni system, superelastic nickel-free alloys based on the Ti-Zr-Nb system for medical purposes, including with a surface layer modified with silver nanoparticles.