Basic Information about the Center
The academic deliverables of the center are aimed at developing innovative lighting control technologies, including:

  • · commutators for fiber-optic communication lines;
  • · devices and methods of hyperspectral image analysis, and
  • · adaptive systems of controlling femtosecond laser impulses.

Activity of the Center
As regards the telecommunications sphere, the unit is engaged in studying methods of light flux control. Achievements in this sphere allowed creating a database for developing multi-channel fiber-optic random-display commutators, demultiplexers for systems with a spectral division of channels and laser systems of visual data representation.

In terms of image analysis, the center has developed and created new re-configurable acoustooptic filters underlying astrophysical spectrophotometers and spectropolarimeters. The system was examined and integrated jointly with the P.K. Sternberg Astronomical Institute of MSU using the Zeiss-600 telescope.

One of the top areas of fundamental and applied researches of the unit is the examination of methods of controlling femtosecond laser impulses with the use of acoustooptic dispersive delay lines. The LDDL hardware complex and Shaper software developed by the center are designed for adaptive correction of spectral amplitudes and phases of ultrashort impulses in order to increase the peak emitting power without increasing energy costs in optical amplifiers. Physical aspects of acoustooptic diffraction of femtosecond impulses were examined on the proprietary femtosecond laser facility and sub-petawatt unit of the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.