The Centre of Compositional Materials was established in 2007 and is a part of the scientific and educational “Centre of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies”. The Centre was established to develop scientific and methodological bases for production, processing and use of compositional materials based on metals, ceramics and polymers and to study physical properties of these materials.

Activities of the Centre

The primary objectives of the COCM are:

  • conducting fundamental, exploratory and applied research with the goal of creating new knowledge about basics of production, processing and use of compositional materials;
  • realizing effective cooperation between the COCM and the facilities of the military-industrial complex, as well as energy, aerospace and nuclear industries with the goal of conducting joint research;
  • setting up and conducting innovative scientific research involving undergraduate and postgraduate students, young scientists and senior researchers in order to ensure high impact training of scientific personnel of the highest qualification;
  • improving the quality of research and development through continuous improvement of the equipment and methodology of the COCM.