MISIS University traditionally holds open international competitions aimed at supporting research in the field of new scientific directions and the creation of laboratories under the leadership of leading scientists and young researchers. The laboratory was created as part of the implementation of the strategic academic leadership program “Priority 2030”.

Activities of the Laboratory

One of the tasks of the Laboratory of Structural and Thermal Methods of Materials Research under the leadership of a leading scientist, PhD, Professor Dmitry Ivanov is the development of a nanocalorimeter — a device for conducting thermoanalytical measurements in a wide range of temperatures and heating rates (up to several thousand degrees per second) on single digit amounts of nanograms of a sample.

In addition, the laboratory team is developing biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethanes with shape memory to create orthodontic arcs and filaments with controlled changes in stiffness and size (using magnesium alloys).

Dmitry Ivanov is one of the leading Russian specialists in the field of creating new functional materials for solar energy, biomedicine and membrane technologies