Main areas of activity

In 2016, NUST “MISIS” and the Russian Quantum Center launched a joint science education project — the NUST MISIS Quantum Center — where leading scientists from Russia and the world, in collaboration with world-class research centers, are implementing a number of research programs in the field of quantum technologies. The project reached a new level in 2018, when NUST “MISIS” became the winner of the competition within the framework of the state support program for the centers of the National Technology Initiative, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. During the year, together with the Russian Quantum Center and with the support of Gazprombank, the NTI Competence Center of the end-to-end technology “Quantum Communications” was created.

The Center has assembled the strongest team of theoreticians in the field of quantum cryptography in the Russian Federation, which will allow developing the groundwork for the creation and proof of security of new protocols of quantum cryptography, new methods for preparing and measuring quantum states and key post-processing.

Priority scopes of the Center’s activity:

  • development of educational programs in quantum technologies areas, in quantum communications and cryptography, as well as new-generation laboratory works development;
  • creation of new quantum key distribution devices in order to solve problems that have a high potential for commercialization;
  • creation of a set of competencies and technologies for reaching the level of the international quantum cryptography certification laboratory;
  • formulation of theoretical concepts, analysis, modeling and implementation of ideas on the hardware and software developments of the consortium;
  • laying the promising groundwork for the development of quantum communications and the development of promising devices with self-sustaining commercial potential;
  • laying the groundwork for distributed quantum computing and quantum-protected distributed interfaces.
General information

The Quantum Communications Competence Center of NTI is a unique scientific and educational organization in Russia, created on the basis of the consortium of NUST “MISIS”, the Russian Quantum Center (RQC), as well as a number of innovative and industrial enterprises, developing such high-tech areas as quantum communications and quantum cryptography.

The strategic goal of the Competence Center and the consortium is to create a long-term structure that will convert basic research into applied research, and further transfer applied research to commercial quantum communications products. An effective system of interaction between enterprises in the real sector, scientific organizations and innovative enterprises will create a stream of products useful for society.