The aim of the project is to create a research team and infrastructure at NUST MISIS (such as a center of competence and training of highly qualified personnel) for the development, bringing to the level of existing experimental installations, testing and application of samples of advanced domestic technology and methods of X-ray tomography and other related methods of studying the structure of matter and the features of complex physical and chemical processes with micro- and nanometric resolution.

Activities of the Laboratory

The laboratory staff solves both educational and pedagogical tasks of training highly qualified scientific personnel, and engineering and design tasks — to create samples of advanced domestic equipment and methods of X-ray tomography and related methods. Scientific research is carried out in the laboratory, during which the developed equipment is mastered, brought up and improved.

The scientific tasks being solved, on the one hand, relate to fundamental issues of materials science (“composition” -“technology of obtaining /processing” -“structure”-“properties”-“functionality in use”), and, on the other hand, correspond to the current scientific agenda.

Partners of the Laboratory

The laboratory staff, in cooperation with scientific partners from JINR, Budker Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kurchatov Institute Research Center (KISI-Kurchatov), Sirius University, create and test samples of domestic tomography techniques and methods, coupled X-ray and other open access methods: special devices, techniques, configurations, software and simulators of synchrotron experiment.