Basic Information about the Center
The Center of Engineering Industrial Technologies (CEIT) is involved in developing leading-edge technologies, import-substituting technologies and innovative items, R&D in the area of extraction and processing of rare metals and production of innovative items therefrom. CEIT strives to satisfy the need for high-quality engineering services in the power and nuclear industries, extraction and processing of commodities and to take a share of up to 10% in the market of engineering services in Russia over the long term.

The center has a vast experience in the metallurgical science, materials science, analytical control, metallurgy of rare, precious and radioactive metals. The competences of CEIT academic specialists and engineers allow creating technologies of obtaining new materials and metals with special features with the help of the most advanced pyro- and hydrometallurgical technologies in processing fresh raw materials, such as ores and concentrates, and developing certified analytical control methods.

Activity of the Center
The key activities of the center are listed below:

  • elimination of man-made formations and ash dumps with the extraction of commercial components;
  • development and integration of the technology of microbial oxidation in respect of underground desalination of uranium ores;
  • deactivation of the ultimate concentrate of rare metals resulting from the processing of mineral and man-made raw materials, and
  • generation of neodymium, rare metals of the medium-heavy group and magnetic materials based thereon, etc.

The existing CEIT infrastructural base allows exercising the analytical control and research in this area. A complex of unique academic units was arranged for highly-sensitive magnetic measurements in order to conduct advanced researches in the area of creating new materials based on rare-earth compounds, physics of magnetic phenomena, nanotechnologies, etc.

The following laboratories operate as part of the Center of Engineering Industrial Technologies:

  • Laboratory of Magnetic Measurements;
  • Laboratory of Chemical Current Sources;
  • Laboratory of Experimental Electrochemistry, and
  • Laboratory of Analytical Control.

CEIT is engaged in the following core activities in the areas of metallurgy and materials science:

  • research and development, design and experimental, research and technology activities, development of new technologies, materials, structures and products;
  • engineering activity, integration of new technologies, industrial engineering, including project management;
  • technical and economic assessment and preparation of projects;
  • training, re-training and advanced training of specialists;
  • provision of information, analytical, expert and advisory services;
  • assistance in increasing the level of fundamental education and engineering training of students, postgraduate students, academic and engineering staff by arranging lecture courses of invited professors and the leading foreign scientists, study placements of young scientists to major global universities and research centers;
  • creation of specialized research laboratories and pilot production facilities with advanced pilot production equipment, cutting-edge measuring instruments, computers and other high-tech equipment;
  • advancement of international cooperation with the leading academic and educational centers, universities and other organizations in R&D and educational activities, joint participation in academic, R&D and engineering activities as part of international projects based on bilateral agreements, including in the form of contracts;
  • arranging and holding all-Russian and international science and technology conferences, seminars, exhibition in the areas of research done by the center;
  • developing and strengthening a material, technical, research and methodological base of the center;
  • creating programs and projects put to tenders held by various clients, and
  • developing new information and technology forms of telecommunications project activity in the remote access mode.
Vadim Tarasov
Head of center

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