The Research and Production Center of Metal Processing with Pressure (RPC MPP) was established on 26.01.1994 on the basis of a voluntary agreement between the teams of the departments of MPP and PDSS, as a structural subdivision of NUST MISIS.

When creating the center, the following tasks were assigned to it: maintenance, strengthening and restoration of the material and technical base of the departments of MPP and PDSS, in order to train highly qualified specialists, ensure high-quality training and laboratory courses, production and sale of commercial products for industrial, scientific and technical purposes, provision of scientific and technical intermediary and consulting services on commercial and contractual basis.

Activities of the Center

At the moment, the center ’s activities are focused on the following areas:

  • Assistance and scientific and technical support of the Institute’s departments and third-party organizations in conducting experimental and research work using equipment from the field of MPP under the management of the center;
  • Provision of research and development, introductory, industrial practice of students at the request of departments and departments of the Institute;
  • Design and engineering work, creation and implementation of technologies and equipment in the areas of MPP, production of prototypes of equipment;
  • Conducting expert assessments and technical audits of scientific and technical solutions and projects;
  • Development of the center’s production base, improvement and updating of the center’s equipment and development of technologies in the field of MPP, increasing the efficiency of the use of useful areas and equipment of the workshop;
  • Full-time employees, researchers and teachers, students of the Department of MPP take part in the work of the center.