MISIS University traditionally holds open international competitions aimed at supporting research in the field of new scientific directions and the creation of laboratories under the leadership of leading researchers and young scientists. The laboratory was created as part of the implementation of the strategic academic leadership program “Priority 2030”.

Laboratory activities

Quantum information technology is a discipline at the intersection of quantum physics and information theory.

On one hand, quantum systems can be effectively used for information processing and transmission tasks — this concept underlies the ideas of quantum computers and quantum communication devices.

On the other hand, information theory methods are useful for understanding and controlling the properties of complex quantum systems.

The main activities of the laboratory:

  • modeling of complex (multiparticle and interacting) quantum systems;
  • methods of control of complex quantum systems;
  • quantum communication protocols for communication of quantum computers;
  • new architectures of quantum computing devices (quantum processors and simulators);
  • dynamics of complex quantum systems and information transfer;
  • analysis of quantum communication devices;
  • distributed quantum systems for information processing and metrology.

The laboratory continues the tradition of effective interaction between the MISIS University and the Russian Quantum Center, within the framework of which a joint scientific and educational project “NUST MISIS Quantum Center” and the NTI Center “Quantum Communications” were launched.