Innovative Software Systems: Design, Development & Application

The program offers a systematic training in the design, development and application of innovative software systems in various spheres of human activity. Such software can interact with various objects, structures, tools, etc. used in human economic activity, and in any area — from financial, social institutions and to the field of mechanical engineering, electronics and others.

of study

120 ECTS Full-time mode

Informatics and Computer Technologies

Major # №09.04.01

Examination content

Tuition fee is 380 000 rubles per the 1st year (relevant for 2023/24 academic year).

Minimal entrance score is 40 points.

Head of the program

Alexander Gorbatov

Doctor of technical sciences, professor technical

International Students Services

Li Elina Valerevna

Chief specialist in professional navigation and work with applicants


Upon completion of the program, our graduates become highly qualified specialists able to apply their skills in the fields of research, production, management, etc. They are in demand in various industries: banking, engineering production, R&D, medicine, IT and others.


courses in the fields of economics, modern means of analysis, design, management and control of a variety of complex systems which are modern innovative software systems etc.

Research work can be focused in one of the following topics:

  • the network model of refining plants with the analogy of applied forces and responses in closed and open paths;
  • the network models of bank systems and their application to analysis of bank activities;
  • contouring mineral deposits using deep learning neural networks;
  • design and development of computer interface based on augmented reality technology;
  • analysis and development of mathematical and software tools for the analysis of raster images;
  • computer-aided design of finite automata;
  • the evolution of search engine algorithms.

Fundamental training via core and required courses:

  • Modern methods of Structural Characterisation of Micro- and Nanosystems
  • Foreign Language (English / Russian)
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Management of Quality
  • Project Management


elective disciplines enable students to tailor the program to their needs

Object-oriented Analysis and Development. Development Patterns Using

Machine Learning

Computer-Aided Design of Software Systems

Tensor method of complex systems network models

Operating environment Innovative software systems

Artificial Neural Networks

Web-services and SaaS-services Design and Development

Parallel Programming Technologies

Databases and Data Warehouses

Modern Quantum Physics of Solids

Formulation of Requirements and Scope Definition for Innovative Information Systems

Modern Quantum Physics of Solids

Electronic Properties of Quantum Confined Semiconductor Heterostructures

Superconducting Circuits and Qubits

Experimental Methods in Low dimensional Systems

Introduction to Path Integral Methods in Condensed Matter Physics

Intelligent Software in Geological System

Research supervisors

Andrey Petrov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Majors: Tensor method of complex systems network models and their application to technical and economic systems

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Denis Kalitin

PhD, Associate professor

Majors: Machine learning, Artificial neural networks, Graph theory, Simulation modeling

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

+7 499 230-24-04

Nikolay Zakharov

Majors: Web-Analytics, Online marketing, Digital project development based on data analysis

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Artur Leonov

Agile Coach, Assistant

Majors: Agile for Data science, Agile project management, Applied data science in digital projects, Kanban Method

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year


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