Science and Materials of Solar Energy

The program is designed to train future engineers who will implement sustainable energy solutions. Thus, its content balances between theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of renewable energy. Our students learn about the pros and cons of conventional and renewable energy sources, explore solar energy conversion as a concept, develop solar panels for the IoT and create “invisible” materials under the supervision of the world-renowned lecturers and scholars.

of study

120 ECTS Full-time mode

Materials Science & Technologies

Major # №22.04.01

Examination content

Tuition fee is 380 000 rubles per year (relevant for 2023/24 academic year).

Minimal entrance score is 40 points.

Head of the program

Dmitry Podgorny

PhD, Deputy head of the Department of Materials Science, Semiconductors and Dielectrics physical and mathematical

+7 499 236-03-04

International Students Services

Li Elina Valerevna

Chief specialist in professional navigation and work with applicants


This program prepares engineers that will be able to solve global green energy challenges such as demand for alternative energy resources, materials with new properties and portable energy resources.

The key advantages of the program

The focused scientific track
Effective research supervision
Practice-oriented learning
Publications in the first-quartile journals
Job opportunities

courses in the fields of Materials Science, solar cell: photovoltaics, solar sell technology, nanomaterials, etc.

Research work can be focused in one of the following topics:

  • Anti-Glare Coatings Based on Gradient-Porous Structures
  • Porous Silicon Photoelectrodes for Hydrogen Production Through Photoelectrochemical Process
  • Method of Increasing Radiation Hardening on Solar Cells Materials
  • Behavior of Silicon Solar Cells Sputtered with Silica Nanoparticles

Fundamental training via core and required courses:

  • Foreign Language (English / Russian)
  • Modern methods of Structural Characterisation of Micro- and Nanosystems
  • Technology and Materials of Quantum Electronics
  • Management of Quality
  • Project Management
  • Photovoltaic Materials, pt.1
  • Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
  • Photovoltaic Materials, pt.2
  • Solar Cell Quality Control


elective disciplines enable students to tailor the program to their needs

Solar Energy Systems Design and Construction

Solar Cell Technology Fundamentals

Photovoltaics and Environmental Problems

Technology of Solar Battery Production

Principles and the Concept of Photovoltaic Systems

Synthesis of Nanomaterials and Heterostructures

Solar Radiation and Environmental Issues

Research supervisors

Dmitry Podgorny

PhD, Deputy head of the Department of Materials Science, Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Majors: Spectroscopic analysis, Materials Science of semiconductors and dielectrics

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

+7 499 236-03-04

Boris Eidelman


Majors: Semiconductor materials and structures, silicon solar cells and modules technologies, solar energy applications and solar PV installation

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

Ekaterina Gosteva

PhD, Associate Professor

Supervision Plan: 1-2 students per year

+7 (495) 638-44-45


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