Enterprise Power Facility Digitalization

An enterprise power efficiency increase is impossible without modern information technologies. This program is based on best international and Russian practices in electric engineering and industrial digitalization. The students become familiar with innovation and IT-approaches to electric engineering enterprise management, methods to design automation information networks, monitoring and analysis of key parameters of company power efficiency, intellectual technologies for data processing and analysis. Our graduates develop software products for industrial power digitalization including enterprise management schemes, and lead project teams in digital transformation.

2 years of study

Full-time education in Russian

College of Mining

Major # 13.04.02
Power & Electrical Engineering

Admission for International Students

Via e-mail: welcome@misis.ru

Or you can do that personally by address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt 6, block 3, room G-369 (College of Mining/G-building).

International Students Service +7 499 230-24-09


Alexander Valentinovich Lyakhomsky

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department

+7 499 230-23-35

Anton Borisovich Petrochenkov

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency of the Mining Industry


Leonid Plashchansky

Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency of the Mining Industry

+7 499 230-23-35

Sergey Nikolaevich Reshetnyak

PhD in engineering, associate professor at the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency of the Mining Industry

+7 499 230-24-07

Evgeniya Perfilieva

Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Energy and Energy Efficiency of the Mining Industry


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Other programs

Electrical Engineering Management

This program focuses on training professionals with fundamental knowledge and skills in the management of power resources to provide for and increase power efficiency. Students analyze the power consumption technologies, learn to manage power resources and evaluate the economic efficiency of projects they develop, study the power audit and IT and software product application methods to manage the power consumption process. Our graduates develop and manage power systems, find employment as power managers and auditors, scientific researchers and faculty.