Training Procedure

The NUST MISiS postgraduate academic staff training will be carried out in accordance with Russian regulations governing relations in the area of higher education.

The period of NUST MISiS postgraduate studies is established by the federal state educational standard for postgraduate academic staff training programs and amounts to: for full-time studies — 3 years (or 4 years); for part-time studies — 4 years (or 5 years). Throughout the above period, a postgraduate student shall:

  • capture the postgraduate program according to the selected major;
  • pass PhD exams in history and philosophy of science, foreign language and special discipline in accordance with the topic of the qualifying research paper;
  • capture disciplines covered by the curriculum, take the practical training and perform scientific research;
  • publish the key research insights of the PhD dissertation in peer-reviewed scientific publications in line with the relevant requirements, and
  • pass the final state attestation.

An individual curriculum constitutes the minimum to be captured by postgraduates during the established period of studies. Such an individual plan shall be compiled jointly with the academic advisor (approved at the meeting of the department) within two months of the enrollment and contain the details of the postgraduate’s activity throughout the entire period of studies.

Studies under postgraduate programs start on September 1. The postgraduate program workload is established by the NUST MISiS educational standard and curriculum and is expressed as an integer of credits equivalent to 36 academic hours (with an academic hour lasting for 45 minutes).

The control over the quality of grasping the postgraduate program covers the continuous assessment of performance, as well as the interim and final attestation. Checks of the postgraduates’ performance under the relevant postgraduate programs included into the curricula and academic work set forth by the individual education programs may take the form of a pass/fail test or examination. The schedule of pass/fail tests and examinations shall be communicated to teachers, department member and postgraduate students by posting the same on information boards and/or on the website of the NUST MISiS Center of Excellence at least five business days prior to their start date.

The interim attestation is held twice per academic year, in June and January.

A determination on attesting the postgraduate student is entered on his/her attestation sheet and signed by the head of the educational or research division of NUST MISiS.

If the postgraduate student has not cured his/her failed tests/examinations in disciplines and practical training for the year preceding the year of attestation within the established period by the summer interim attestation (by June 30), such student is recommended for expulsion.

Postgraduates who have completed their individual curriculum proceed to the preparation for defending their dissertation in candidacy for a degree.