Student Accommodation

The residence halls are conveniently located just a few metro stops from the main academic building campus. MISIS provides its students with comfortable accommodations within four residence halls, which are collectively referred to as the “Metallurgist” campus area. The residence halls are within walking distance from the Belyaevo (Беляево) metro station, which is on the same line (officially called the “Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line,” but more commonly referred to as the “Orange Line” because this is its color on the Moscow Metropolitan maps) where the main academic buildings are located. This makes it a fast and easy trip for students to reach the main academic buildings (Leninsky prospect, “Oktyabrskaya” (Октябрьская) metro station).

Located in Moscow’s green area next to one of Moscow’s largest parks (Bitsa Park) and the Troparyovo recreation area, the residence halls are home to nearly 2600 undergraduate and graduate students from Russia and other countries.

Students share furnished rooms with Russian and international students and have access to a variety of leisure facilities. There is a bathroom on each floor and each room has wired Internet access.

Students have access to computer labs, laundry rooms, a recreation center, and a swimming pool, as well as a café. There is also a cafeteria located within the complex where many of the students dine. If you prefer to cook for yourself, there are kitchen facilities on each floor and there are several grocery stores located nearby.