Educational projects of NUST MISIS Centre for Infrastructure Cooperation and Partnership MegaScience

NUST MISIS has been implementing the project “Perspective Solutions, Technologies, Methods and Materials for the Search for New Physical Effects” since 2017. The main goal is development of promising technologies and materials for the search for new physical effects in experiments at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), as well as for applications beyond high-energy physics. The project partners are INFN, University of Naples Federico II, University of Zurich, King’s College London, and a number of Russian universities and companies.

On September 26, a collaborative educational program with CERN was launched at NUST MISIS.

The head of the program is Professor Andrey Golutvin, Head of NUST MISIS Centre for Infrastructure Cooperation and Partnership MegaScience, leader of SHiP CERN experiment.

The program of the next lectures and seminars will be devoted to four global areas:

  • fundamentals of particle physics;
  • interaction of particles and radiation with matter;
  • physics and technology of particle detectors;
  • data analysis methods;

Lectures and seminars will be held on a weekly basis till April 2019. A written exam is scheduled for April 2019.

To see the detailed information, follow the link.