NUST MISIS to join the world`s academic elite by 2020

NUST MISIS has confirmed its position as the leading scientific and educational center in the field of materials science in Russia. The international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers has announced such results on the NUST MISIS Supervisory Board meeting.

NUST MISIS scientists have published 82 articles on materials science in the TOP-10% SNIP which allowed the university taking the first position among the Russian universities in the scientific research field.

“For the first time NUST MISIS has surpassed Lomonosov Moscow State University on the number of publications in the most influential magazines indexed by Scopus (TOP-10% SNIP). Publications in such magazines demonstrate the university`s real scientific potential, as they are elaborately selected by the world leading scientists under the procedure of a blind peer review. On the number of publications in the engineering field NUST MISIS has taken the second position after Lomonosov Moscow State University”, said Yury Pukha, the international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers partner.

In 2015 NUST MISIS has published 63 articles on engineering in the TOP-10% SNIP magazines. On the quantitative indicator only Lomonosov Moscow State University with 79 publications exceeds NUST MISIS. However, NUST MISIS maintains the first position on the qualitative indicator.

“These achievements are the result of a great systematic work executed by NUST MISIS. Every year the university establishes not only new engineering education research centers, but also modern scientific and research centers. On the one hand, such activities allow developing the university`s infrastructure, and on the other hand, they allow attracting the world leading scientists through the open international competitions”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

The PWC experts have concluded that NUST MISIS takes the lead over the other universities-participants of the Competitiveness Project of the Leading Russian Universities among the Global Research and Education Centers. NUST MISIS exceeds Lomonosov Moscow State University in three times and it equals to the TOP-100 universities in the world university rankings.

“NUST MISIS has demonstrated the high rate of change and has become one of the leading Russian universities in just three years. If the university keeps the current trajectory of growth on the qualitative indicator, it will be able to join the world`s academic elite by 2020”, emphasized Yury Pukha.