Project-oriented approach in engineering classes

200 students from the engineering classes established by NUST MISIS and the Government of Moscow will work on the individual research projects under the direction of NUST MISIS leading scientists.

On 1st of September, 2015, the engineering classes were established in 9 Moscow schools. The elective classes on technical engineering are based for the tenth and eleventh grade students. NUST MISIS professors have developed a unique academic program and a special form of studies which will help to master not only theoretical and practical skills, but also consciously approach the occupational choice.

One of the key features of the studies is the project-oriented approach successfully applied for the students training at NUST MISIS. Every student chooses any of 100 suggested themes and works on the research project with the scientific adviser until April 2016.

The suggested themes are beyond the school curriculum. The themes are developed for the high level of competence and a serious research work. For instance, the students will conduct research on the technological base of bulky monocrystalline magnets production on the basis of Fe-Co-Ni-Al with increased magnetic and temperature characteristics or they will analyze the metallographic of steel microstructure and define the morphological abstraction of carbides on its mechanical properties.

The students will work on the individual research projects by visiting NUST MISIS laboratories, attending practical sessions and communicating with the scientific advisers via skype. The studies are based on the College of Environmentally Sound Technologies & Engineering, College of New Materials & Nanotechnology, College of IT & Automated Control Systems, College of Mining.

The best researchers and their projects will take part in NUST MISIS Science Days in April 2016. The school students` projects will be evaluated by the same jury as the university`s students, but in special section organized for them. The best projects will be published in the conference manual. The winners and the awardees will get additional scores to their Unified State Exam results.

“The project-oriented approach implemented in bachelor`s and master`s degree programs and post-graduate studies is significant, because we strive for our students to get not only thorough theoretical knowledge, but also deep practical skills. The students of engineering classes have a unique opportunity to work and get knowledge in well-equipped laboratories. We do believe that the studies will help them to consciously approach the occupational choice”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

Information about Engineering classes

The project Engineering classes in Moscow schools was launched on the 1st of September by the Government of Moscow in collaboration with the leading technological universities and high-tech enterprises. Its aim is to develop modern academic form of studies that will allow using the unique educational opportunities.

Engineering classes are not only well-equipped laboratories, but also a unique curriculum which includes elective engineering disciples` courses.