NUST MISIS was awarded at iENA-2015

The joint project of the NUST MISIS research group and Endogene-Globetek (Australia) Innovative Medical Technologies with Shape Memory was awarded with the gold medal at the 67th International Trade Fair iENA-2015, Ideas — Inventions — New Products.

iENA is one of Europe`s largest and most significant trade fairs for inventions and innovations. It exhibits the achievements in various fields of science and technology and focuses on the inventions’ and innovations’ commercialization.

iENA is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the International Federation of Inventors` Association (IFIA).

The science-intensive technologies are based on the fundamental properties of certain metals to restore their original shape after the anomalously large deformation provided the development of the Trawl and Clip-Holder—two especially noteworthy featured inventions.

The hyper-elastic trap called the Trawl allows the speedy ablating of foreign bodies from hollow organs and tubular structures; i.e. the ablating of the calculus from the gall-bladder and the ureter. The main difference from existing analogues is the Trawl’s ease of use and its possibility to release a foreign body if it`s captured from the wrong side. This tool will be especially in-demand in the event of an emergency.

The Clip-holder consists of two elements: the smart clip and its delivery system. The clip is made with the direct and reversible metal shape memory for vessels clamping. This instrument utilizes a mechanism that allows the installation and removal of the clip without pressing and damaging blood vessels.

The general advantages of all the presented technologies are both the ease of use and the allowance of quick and reliable surgical interference with minimal risk to the patient. Thusly, the cost of surgery can be reduced as it applies the use of minimally-intensive treatment modes (i.e. not requiring abdominal operations).

Additionally, NUST MISIS and Endogene-Globetek Innovative Medical Instruments have received the Taiwan Prominent Inventor League’s gold medal for the best development in the field of medicine, presented at iENA-2015.

Two more of NUST MISIS’s inventions took part in the iENA-2015 competition. The innovations were highly prized and awarded with trade medals and special prizes.

Gleb Sborschikov & Svetlana Grishaeva’s Glass Melting Technology and Glass-Melting Furnace with the Layer of Glass received the iENA — 2015 silver medal and the China`s Association of Inventors President’s gold medal for the best development presented at iENA — 2015.

Nikolay Belov & Alexandr Alabin’s Heat-Resistant Alloy on the Basis of Aluminium and Method of Producing from it the Strain Semi-Fabricated Products was awarded with the Korea Invention Promotion Association’s (KIPA) special prize for the best development presented at iENA — 2015 as well as the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers’ (Stowarzyszenie Polskich Wynalazców i Racjonalizatorów) gold medal for the best development in the field of metallurgy.

Along with these awards for high achievements in inventions` development presented at iENA-2015, NUST MISIS was awarded with the honorary diploma of the Spanish Inventors Club (Club de Inventores Espanoles).

“Innovative medical technologies with the shape memory developed by the NUST MISIS research team led by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sergey Prokoshkin have huge potential. They are fail-safe, they reduce the side-effects and at the same time they are affordable”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.