NUST MISIS Launches First FabLab’ Master Program in Russia

NUST MISIS announces admission to the Master’s Degree Program “Materials & Technologies of Digital Production” for 2015/2016 academic year. It is Russia’s only master’s program in the field of digital manufacturing and new materials.

The educational process is based on the CDIO cycle projects (to create idea — to design — to implement — to operate). The core of the study is a project-based approach, which allow students acquiring the skills of designing, prototyping, programing, and production.

During study, each student will be able to handle all the advanced tools of development, debugging, and production of new products: computer-aided design and simulation, 3D printing, laser cutting, design and production of electronic devices, and more. Students will learn how to deal adequately with the problems of choosing the material and the method of treatment; they will understand the life cycle of the product, find out all the details and features of networking with companies and venture funds, and how to protect their intellectual property.

The final work will be independent development and production of functional device with the ability to transformation, independent movement or ability to move other objects, performance of a series of operations in accordance with the instructions of the operator, and others. The device should have user-friendly interface, to be environmentally safe, technologically advanced, cost-effective, and well documented.

Graduates of the program are creative technicians capable of integrating competencies from various areas and apply them to meet the challenges of development and launch the new high-tech products. Future graduates of the program will be the ideal design engineers and technical directors of present and future startups.

This Master program is designed primarily for graduates of technical universities and institutes with an interest in technical creativity and fundamental knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The Master’s program “Technology and Digital Manufacturing Materials” will work at the College of Environmentally Sound Technologies and Engineering (Ecotech) of NUST MISIS.

Lectures and master classes will be delivered by both domestic and international experts. The best students will have an opportunity to participate in joint projects with partner universities such as the University of Wisconsin Stout (USA).

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