NUST MISIS Academic Writing University Center is the Path to Web of Science and Scopus

NUST MISIS opened the Academic Writing University Center to facilitate preparation of scientific papers in the English language for the University researches.

Publications in the leading scientific journals included in Web of Science and Scopus global citation databases help to approach the international academic community, increase the citation indices, and establish scientific relations with foreign colleagues within the similar field of research. However, an insufficient knowledge of formal requirements by Western journals, errors during execution of applications, etc. often do not allow good quality papers by Russian researchers pass even the primary stage of selection.

The Center features a scientific communication consulting service. Postgraduates, faculty, researchers and other University staff interested in academic writing may receive qualified assistance on the following issues:

— Selection of a scientific journal for an article publication.

— Preparation of a scientific article for publication in a foreign journal.

— Writing of an abstract of a presentation or a speech to be delivered at an international conference.

— Execution of a grant application, writing of a cover letter, CV, annotated bibliography, essay, survey, and other academic texts.

— Writing of a thesis in the English language.

The Center is focused to make everyone concerned familiar with the specific features of the proper academic writing, develop professional competence in the written communication in the English language and the critical thinking skills required for the successful research activities, and teach to produce clear, structured and well-addressed scientific texts.

The teaching is free.

Basic learning course starts on March 16 (40 academic hours 4 hours a week). Next group will start in September 2015, you may apply now.

The Center staff also consults on other issues beyond the main learning course. The Center will soon launch its web-site and present its consulting schedule.