NUST MISIS Enters Top Three Engineering University List in Moscow

A meeting, chaired by Arkady Dvorkovich, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chairman of the NUST MISIS Supervisory Board, began with a discussion of the Academic Excellence Program. In addition, members of the Supervisory Board heard reports on the university management staff on various aspects of the university in 2014 and approved the NUST MISIS Charter in its new edition.

In its report to Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, it was written that the University demonstrated a steady and progressive development in 2014. This is confirmed, in particular, by the high remarks received at the last meeting from the International Scientific Council held in March 20-21 in Tomsk. This Council is organized for the Academic Excellence Program called the “5-100” Program to improve the global competitiveness of Russian universities.

The number of articles in the journals of the first quartile of impact factor in the field of materials science in the Web of Science database has increased by three times. Thus, the number of high-quality publications in the field of materials science has increased as well. In total 520 articles were written last year. They were indexed by the Web of Science and Scopus.

The development of University research is reflected not only in the growth of its publication activity but also an increase in revenues from research activities — an increase of about 30% in 2013.

Today, more than 2,000 students from 52 countries — 16% of all students — are studying at NUST MISIS. NUST MISIS is a headliner of the “Time to Study in Russia!” project to attract international students. The University has a plan until 2020 to increase the proportion of internationals to 20%. Last year, the University developed ten new master’s programs, including three taught in English.

Last year the “Metallurgist” campus was recognized as the best student residence hall of Moscow in the “Our Student Home” competition, organized by the Government of Moscow. Almost all buildings and residence halls at NUST MISIS already have free Wi-Fi. In 2015, NUST MISIS will complete construction of the Engineering Center of High Complexity Prototyping under the guidance of Vladimir Pyrozhkov, a world-renowned designer.

Special attention should be paid to the introduction of a CDIO system at NUST MISIS:

“We are introducing a project approach at all levels of study: for bachelors together with representatives of the business community we are developing business cases and our students are able to solve specific problems facing their future employers. Last year, for the first time with our business partners we developed a long-term plan for summer practice and training in industry-leading companies,” — said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of the NUST MISIS.

During the discussion Dmitry Livanov, Minister of Education and Science and member of the NUST MISIS Oversight Council, noted that it is necessary for the University in 2015 to make a qualitative step through the “5-100” basic indicators to choose their own path of development that underline its strengths and bring it to a new level.

Yuri Pooha, partner of the international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers, has confirmed in his report the high rates of development of the university and, in particular, said: “By all target indicators (quantity and quality of the publications, the growth of internationalization, and a high grade point average exam) the university feels sufficiently confident and will enter the top ten universities in Russia and be among the top three engineering universities in Moscow. The university is one of the leaders of the ‘5-100’ program regarding the ‘percentage of international students and faculty’ indicator and is already close to the world’s leading engineering schools.”

The Endowment Fund of the University has received a positive evaluation. As Arkady Dvorkovich noted, work in the endowment fund is being actively held. It is important not to stop in spite of the fact that the time it takes to look for benefactors is not very suitable. The results of such funds are accumulative over the years and we need to operate systematically and keep up the pace. To date, the target volume of the MIS&S Endowment Fund is 113 million rubles. The plan for 2015 is to attract an additional 150 million rubles.

A natural result of this effort was the inclusion of NUST MISIS in 2014 into international university rankings, particularly in the overall ranking of QS and QS BRICS. The target aims for the university remain the same; that is,to become a global leader in Materials Science, Metallurgy, and Mining, and to significantly strengthen its position in the field of IT and biomaterials by 2020.