NUST MISIS Super Computer Ranking Up

According to the results of the updated Top-50 Supercomputers ranking among CIS countries on 31.03.2015, the NUST MISIS supercomputer moved up 8 positions and now ranks 41st.

The supercomputer cluster was lunched at NUST MISIS in 2014 as part of the laboratory “New Materials Modeling & Development,” which had received a Russian Government 90 million ruble mega-grant. The goals of this cluster are to accelerate the development and to introduce into the market new materials with desired properties.

In late 2014, the number of computing nodes in the cluster increased from 64 to 100, which allowed improving the cluster peak performance from 21 to 33 teraflops, i.e. 33 trillion operations per second. In the future, the university hopes to reach a capacity of 300 teraflops.
The laboratory is headed by Igor Abrikosov, professor and head of the Department of Theory & Modeling of the Institute of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, University of Linköping, Sweden. Igor Abrikosov’s participation helps to provide advanced research in the field of modeling material at NUST MISIS. One of the main areas of work is to improve the properties of the equipment for nuclear reactors and steel for pipelines.