The First Class of Graduates of NUST MISIS’s Preparatory Department for International Students

On June 23rd, 2016, NUST MISIS held the “We speak Russian” ceremony for the first class of graduates from the preparatory department of the NUST MISIS Center for pre-university tutorial and admissions.

The first class of graduates has 125 students hailing from 20 countries — China, Vietnam, India, Venezuela, and Jordan, among others. All the graduates are planning to enroll in NUST MISIS programs.

More than 3600 international students from 66 different countries, including over 470 PhD students, study at NUST MISIS. From 2012 to 2015 the number of first year international students increased by 400%. During the last 3 years the number of countries represented in NUST MISIS’s study body has more than doubled.