NUST MISIS Presents Number of New Materials and Alloys for Air Space at “Army-2016”

During the forum “ARMY-2016” NUST MISIS presented nanocomposites for the creation of effective electromagnetic screens, quasicrystals for anticorrosion and thermal protection coatings, heat-resisting and superplastic alloys on an aluminum basis, lightweight intermetallic special alloys for avia turbines` components, and many more innovative materials and equipment for the airspace industry and defense complex.

On September 6-9, 2016, NUST MISIS presented the practical developments of leading scientists for the defense complex during the International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2016”.

Among the demonstrated developments were: a unique laser-ultrasonic structuroscopy for the detection of defects with dimensions up to 50 microns, prototypes of innovative stationary blades for aircraft engines, power intensity supercapacitors for energy storage devices, prototypes of a permanent magnet for the Arctic and space that maintains its powerful magnetic properties in extreme temperatures, and a wide ranging amount of innovative alloys and coatings with improved characteristics for the manufacturing of parts of aircrafts and special-purpose machines.

“In contrast to the traditional ultrasound, in laser-ultrasonic structuroscopy a laser is used to generate sound pulses, and for the registration of the corresponding echo signals ultrabroadband piezoelectric hydrophones are used. This allows the enhancement of the space resolution of the ultrasonic control by 6-10 times, and obtains numeric information about the state of the materials — elastic modulus, porosity, stress conditions, and distinguishing hard and soft nonuniformity. The application of the development in the production and operation of aerotechnics will take the field’s qualitative characteristics and reliability to a never before seen level”, commented Professor Alexsander Karabutov.

On September 8th, during the forum`s business program chaired by the Head of the NUST MISIS Department of Material Physics, Alexander Savchenko, the scientific-practical conference on the topic “Magnets and magnetic systems” was held. Participants discussed the opportunities of highly efficient screening designs based on magnetic alloys for cable route protection, the main directions of high-energy, rare earth permanent magnets and technologies of their production, and other pressing issues of the industry.

Leading scientists from the university actively participated in the “ARMY-2016” thematic round tables, and gave talks on conferences devoted to issues of scientific and technological retrofitting of the defense complex.

During the first days of the exhibition the NUST MISIS exhibition stand was visited by the Major-General of the Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Defense, Yusuf bin Ahmed bin Hussain Al Jalahma, as well as by the General Director of AO “Poligon” Alexey Antonov.