Education & Research Center MISIS-BUEHLER Launches at NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS has launched an education and research center of metallography and sample processing, to be equipped by BUEHLER, the world leader in the production of this kind of equipment. The MISIS-BUEHLER center is a unique platform where the collection of this special equipment will expand not only research opportunities, but also the educational process. The center`s creation was possible thanks to the support of NOVATEST.

The education and research center of metallography and sample processing, which representatives have decided to call MISIS-BUEHLER, was launched on the basis of both NUST MISIS’s Department of Metallurgy & Physics of Strengths and the Interdepartmental Laboratory “Nanomaterials”. This is the third center that the university has jointly launched with leading firms manufacturing modern research equipment. The others, MISIS-Naishion Instruments and MISIS-INSTRON, are already functioning at NUST MISIS.

Maintaining such high levels of cooperation with major industrial corporations allows NUST MISIS to significantly expand the ability of laboratories to regularly raise both employees` qualifications and the level of studies, and to also keep equipment in operational condition and to regularly improve it.

NUST MISIS is the leading materials science university in Russia. In 2016, for the first time, our university entered the U.S. News Best Global Universities — 2017 Rankings, taking 283rd place for the subject of Materials Science. Among Russian universities, NUST MISIS ranks 2nd, only behind Lomonosov Moscow State University. This was made possible due to the fact that our PhD students and students have the opportunity to research and to do educational activities using cutting-edge equipment. The creation of the education and research center MISIS-BUEHLER will allow us to raise the quality of research to a higher level still”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

Almost the entire range of BUEHLER equipment is concentrated in the MISIS-BUEHLER center, which allows the staff to carry out all their metallographical research and work on sample processing. The impressive collection of equipment includes a precision-material cutting machine, an abrasive-material cutting machine, a press for hot pressing of samples, and grinding and polishing machines.

BUEHLER, founded in 1936, is the world leader in the production of equipment for metallography and sample processing. The company`s equipment is primarily intended for sample processing research conducted during structural studies and mechanical tests.