NUST MISIS Holds Lecture on “Translation Industry in Russia and Market Possibilities for Young Translators”

On April 14th, 2017, during the 72 Days of Science at NUST MISIS, the university held an open lecture “The Translation Industry in Russia and Market Possibilities for Young Translators” delivered by Ekaterina Sadikova, head of the Department on Work with Contractors at ABBYY Language Solutions.

The lecture was devoted to an overview of the current situation of the Russian market, a discussion of the usual features found in employment contacts, and the requirements — especially in the context of work with computer programs — which are now particularly important for translators. Additionally, the talk was dedicated to the use of “market-place” online platforms and exchange in professional activities.

Ekaterina Sadikova shared useful tips on creating a resume, searching for jobs and working with customers. She paid special attention to the increasing problem of fraud and to the issue of how to recognize a dishonest employer. There was significant focus on the most demanded fields of translation: oil and gas, energy, and electrical engineering. Technical translation, therefore, is the absolute leader in relation to other areas of translation, and it`s not the first year that this fact has qualitatively affected the content of the curriculum of NUST MISIS Linguistics`s “Practice and Theory of Translation”.

ABBYY Language Solutions is a global developer of solutions of intellectual data processing and linguistics, a leader in the Russian translation industry, and a partner of NUST MISIS.