Vladimir Potanin to Make Contribution to NUST MISIS Endowment Fund

The NUST MISIS Endowment Fund has become one of the 9 endowments that will receive support from Vladimir Potanin.

As reported on Vladimir Potanin’s Foundation website, the incentive contribution was received by organizations that “effectively used in real-case scenario the knowledge and skills acquired in ‘The strategy of creation and development of endowment funds’”, from a joint program between the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Moscow School of Management “Skolkovo”. Only 33 funds participated in the program.

Ivan Kopytov, Deputy Director of the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund, represented the University with the fundraising project “Every Ruble is important”. He talked in details about the project:

“To undergo training in Potanin and the School of Management ‘SKOLKOVO’ program, we had to go through a competitive selection process. Professors from around the world taught us not only fundraising and endowment, but also finances, negotiations, and project management. This is a large educational program, and within its frames we worked on our own projects. Following the results of the program, all projects were sent to Vladimir Potanin, and he personally decided who to allocate money to. Only 9 projects from 33 received support, and I can proudly say that NUST MISIS is one of those 9 universities”.

The “Every Ruble is important” project`s aim is to help NUST MISIS become one of the world`s best universities. The main point is that research conducted by universities included in the top-200 are largely funded through endowment funds. To create a similar system at NUST MISIS, we need to create Russia`s largest Alumni Group, as well as to raise a billion rubles of voluntary donations from partner companies and alumni. And for that, it`s important for donators to know where their contribution goes, and what privileges will be given to Group members.