VisionHack Hackathon Jackpot is $22,000

VisionHack, the first international university hackathon on artificial intelligence and computer vision, will reward the 1st place contestants and those who solve the most supplementary tasks with a jackpot of $22,000. The hackathon`s total prize fund is $36,000.

From September 11th-13th in Moscow, NUST MISIS and Cognitive Technologies will hold the first university hackathon on artificial intelligence and computer vision through the support of the Skolkovo Foundation. More than 30 teams from world leading universities such as MIT (USA), the University of Cambridge (Great Britain), ASU (USA), and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (P.R. China) have announced their participation in the hackathon.

The teams who place first and second will receive $12,000 and $6,000, respectively. Also, there are 5 special prizes from $1,000 to $2,000 in additional nominations for 1st and 2nd place. The possibility exists that one team will be able to collect all the prizes and double its winnings, resulting in a hefty sum of $22,000.

The participants’ aim will be to create their own intellectual subsystem for driver assistance and ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) capable of automatically detecting various events on the road (small circumstances, which sometimes seriously affect traffic safety). VisionHack will be held in 2 rounds: the correspondence selection stage and the on-site competition. The condition of participation in the Hackathon is the solution of a test task. Some students have successfully handled the task, and for the remaining students registration in the system was extended until August 24th, and the preliminary stage pushed to August 27th.

The event partners—AMD, Uber, NVidia, Land Rover, and other world leading companies—are preparing special prizes for both the winners and the most popular projects. It has already been announced that the Skolkovo Fund, one of the hackathon`s main partners, will invite the winners to test their designs in the national technology competition “Winter road — 2018”, which will be held in January 2018 in Sochi.

Albert Efmov, head of the Skolkovo Fund Robotic Center, explained the interest of the organizers of “Winter road” in the VisionHack hachathon: “Computer vision systems for unmanned vehicles have made tremendous progress over the past few years. But even a greater number of unsolved problems await ahead: unmanned vehicles currently know how to drive only where a person also knows how to drive. The test of artificial intelligence in adverse weather conditions is the task to which hachathon participants have to tackle”.

Detailed information on VisionHack can be viewed here

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