Four Teams from NUST MISIS Enter the Semi-Finale of ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

On October 22nd, 2017, the Moscow Subregional Stage — Moscow quarter-finales of International Collegiate Programming Contest ACM-ICPC for teams from Moscow and Moscow region, which attracted 92 teams from 24 universities — was held.

According to contest results, four NUST MISIS teams have been included in semi-finale, which will be held on December 2nd — 3rd, 2017. As organizers have reported, only 23 teams have entered the semi-finale.

Russian semi-finale is traditionally one of the top-ranked. Russia has been among leaders in programming contests for many years, that is why entry into the semi-finale is one of the most difficult tasks for participants.

We congratulate NUST MISIS teams entering the semi-finale:

Astral Squash (Viktor Tarannikov, Nikita Kodosov, Yanush Piskevich)

Seal (Pavel Kulagin, Nikita Razumnyi, Ayuka Erdneev)

Pomandoro (Denis Ivanov, Roman Kholodyakov, Sergey Ilyukhin)

Feministi+Seksistka (Anastasiya Chirvonaya, Alexey Mayorov, Ivan Vasilyev).

The contest`s finale will occur in Beijing, in 2018.