Representatives of Switzerland’s Federal Assembly Visit NUST MISIS

On November 14th, 2017, representatives from Switzerland’s Federal Assembly met with NUST MISIS management with the aim to discuss opportunities for cooperation and to exchange experience in the field of science and education between NUST MISIS and leading universities in Switzerland. Representatives of the Swiss Embassy in Russia, heads of the Swiss-Russian Forum Foundation, members of Switzerland’s National Council, and representatives of the business community attended the meeting.

“Russia is a priority country for Switzerland in the field of scientific and technical cooperation. The Governments of both Russia and Switzerland do their best to support and strengthen these relations. In 2012, the two nations signed an intergovernmental agreement that will give out grants and host scientific competitions. It’s great that the legislative authorities and the business community support this cooperation, and today`s meeting is a vivid example of that”, said Andrey Melnikov, head of the Department of Science, Technology, and Education at the Swiss Embassy in Russia.

Béatrice Lombard, Founder of the Swiss-Russian Forum, a link in scientific-technical and educational cooperation between Russia and Switzerland, noted that, “There are lots of industries that are interesting and promising for the cooperation of Russian and Swiss universities: IT-technologies, medicine, and aerospace. Two world-leading Swiss universities — EPFL AND ETH Zurich — are interested in cooperating with Russian universities in these fields”.

The Suvorov Award Ceremony for outstanding Swiss-Russian innovative projects is held annually under the auspices of the Swiss Embassy in Russia, the Office for Economy and Labour — Kanton Zurich, FASIE (Russia) and the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers. The project’s selection criteria are the following: readiness to enter the market, the Swiss-Russian aspect, the project’s originality, and its social significance, competitiveness, and financial viability.